CanGRD - Historical seasonal trend

CANGRD data are interpolated from adjusted and homogenized climate station data (i.e., AHCCD datasets). Homogenized climate data incorporate adjustments to the original station data to account for discontinuities from non-climatic factors, such as instrument changes or station relocation. Seasonal trends of relative total precipitation change (%) for 1948-2012 based on Canadian gridded data (CANGRD) are available, at a 50km resolution across Canada. The relative trends reflect the percent change in total precipitation over a period from the baseline value (defined as the average over 1961-1990 as the reference period). Seasonal trends of mean surface air temperature change (degrees Celsius) for 1948-2016 based on Canadian gridded data (CANGRD) are available at a 50km resolution across Canada. Temperature trends represent the departure from a mean reference period (1961-1990).

  • precipitation
  • temperature
  • gridding
  • interpolation
  • adjusted
  • homogenized
  • trend
  • minimum
  • maximum
  • mean
  • climate

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