Hourly Climate Observations

Hourly climate observations are derived from the data source HLY01. These are stations that produce hourly meteorological observations, taken each hour of the day for the hours 00h-23h, for both daily (temperature, precipitation) and non-daily elements (station pressure, relative humidity, visibility). Only a subset of the total stations are shown due to size limitations. The stations were selected based on the following criteria: (1) Stations near cities with populations greater than 10,000, (2) Stations with long periods of record of at least 30 years of data, (3) Stations selected for the 1991-2020 WMO Normals, (4) Stations with RBCN designation not selected for 1991-2020 WMO Normals, and/or (5) Stations whose sum when joined with co-located/successor stations equates to a period of record of 30 years or greater.

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