Adjusted and Homogenized Canadian Climate Data (AHCCD) Seasonal

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6104175.1899.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6104175
407N51G.1945.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 407N51G
6068150.1960.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6068150
1088010.1965.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1088010
7031360.1990.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7031360
4086000.2005.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4086000
8300301.1921.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8300301
5012440.2002.Win hPa Win Seasonal 5012440
8206260.1964.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8206260
1163780.1976.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1163780
220B6Q3.1975.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 220B6Q3
7044288.2015.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7044288
4014156.2013.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4014156
2100950.2011.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2100950
501A7AR.1978.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 501A7AR
6163171.1936.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6163171
2400570.1958.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2400570
7113382.1957.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7113382
1192940.1957.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1192940
2402686.1982.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2402686
5061000.1954.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5061000
8203702.1933.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8203702
7035520.1978.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7035520
4064149.1991.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4064149
6153193.1905.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6153193
7024920.1964.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7024920
6057591.1955.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6057591
7054096.1932.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7054096
8100503.1947.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8100503
6060773.1936.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6060773
8205702.1873.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8205702
1142820.1999.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1142820
5012672.1966.Win hPa Win Seasonal 5012672
7043960.1922.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7043960
3032642.1922.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3032642
7056616.1984.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7056616
1100119.2012.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1100119
1142820.1968.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1142820
7028123.2013.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7028123
8101500.1976.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8101500
6061361.1969.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6061361
2203912.1990.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2203912
2303685.1997.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2303685
1148705.1989.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1148705
1108910.1945.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1108910
2201400.2012.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2201400
1085835.2005.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1085835
7053250.2016.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7053250
303F0PP.1965.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 303F0PP
1038332.2009.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1038332
7028441.1965.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7028441
1036570.2013.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1036570
6040326.1974.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6040326
1021960.2009.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1021960
2204300.2015.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2204300
5052880.1936.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 5052880
4055736.2000.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4055736
4063759.1984.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4063759
2100935.1981.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2100935
1152106.1949.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1152106
4016699.1947.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4016699
6158520.1942.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6158520
1057050.1988.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1057050
7018001.2020.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7018001
6159125.1932.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6159125
2402353.1989.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2402353
8100989.1905.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8100989
8300300.2015.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8300300
1100119.1984.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1100119
6147188.1961.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6147188
8203600.1949.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8203600
6075425.1970.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6075425
8105600.1956.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8105600
1037650.1996.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1037650
6059D09.1944.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6059D09
2402686.1981.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2402686
1168520.1956.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1168520
7020567.1977.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7020567
1026271.2009.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1026271
2202578.1978.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2202578
8104900.2000.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8104900
6041109.2014.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6041109
2203058.1994.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2203058
4056240.1967.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4056240
3031000.1952.Win hPa Win Seasonal 3031000
6137732.1989.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6137732
6105976.1962.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6105976
1032730.1936.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1032730
4086000.1974.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4086000
1060841.1938.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1060841
1026271.2020.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1026271
6077845.1989.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6077845
4022359.1939.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4022359
1092970.1922.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1092970
4012130.1994.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4012130
8503249.2007.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8503249
1036572.1919.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1036572
1197530.1971.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1197530
8100880.1958.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8100880
4020160.1924.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4020160
7016902.2007.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7016902
3015523.1927.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3015523
4010811.2006.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4010811
7027283.1978.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7027283
6059D09.1965.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6059D09
8403851.2001.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8403851
6163171.1901.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6163171
1128582.1951.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1128582
1022250.1962.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1022250
1106178.1965.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1106178
3036682.1975.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3036682
5020725.1985.Win hPa Win Seasonal 5020725
6061362.1917.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6061362
8205090.1993.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8205090
8500398.1972.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8500398
6136336.1896.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6136336
6158355.1871.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6158355
2203912.2010.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2203912
4047241.1986.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4047241
1145730.2005.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1145730
6048268.2014.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6048268
2100805.1955.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2100805
5042004.2000.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5042004
6042715.1980.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6042715
8401300.1949.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8401300
3023560.1999.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3023560
3031094.1975.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3031094
8101200.1990.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8101200
2301000.1961.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2301000
8200774.2005.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8200774
3061201.1916.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3061201
8204193.1933.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8204193
5012322.1964.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5012322
6104175.1972.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6104175
6085700.1943.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6085700
3061201.1925.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3061201
7024000.1977.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7024000
8403300.2006.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8403300
6136694.1911.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6136694
3075041.1943.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3075041
1167337.1943.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1167337
5022780.1976.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 5022780
1091169.1989.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1091169
1085836.1997.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1085836
5061648.1988.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 5061648
3011120.1928.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3011120
501A7AR.1936.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 501A7AR
6032125.1964.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6032125
701S001.1899.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 701S001
3035198.1893.Win hPa Win Seasonal 3035198
22010KA.2014.Win hPa Win Seasonal 22010KA
8100700.1957.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8100700
2401030.2005.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2401030
1160H99.1967.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1160H99
2402900.1955.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2402900
3056214.1977.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3056214
7022160.1985.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7022160
6077845.2009.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6077845
2300501.1960.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2300501
1040390.1992.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1040390
7028123.1973.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7028123
7011983.1987.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7011983
6075435.1936.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6075435
4016322.1984.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4016322
2403049.2012.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2403049
7043000.1994.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7043000
1051351.1970.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1051351
8201716.1999.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8201716
1153282.1944.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1153282
810AL00.1930.Win hPa Win Seasonal 810AL00
2303685.1975.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2303685
4056121.1981.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4056121
7035520.1944.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7035520
7028200.2001.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7028200
1096453.1988.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1096453
2303401.1979.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2303401
2100682.1960.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2100682
6111467.1961.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6111467
6122847.1979.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6122847
613F606.1995.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 613F606
3015401.1905.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3015401
6139445.1939.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6139445
1168520.1940.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1168520
8300301.1975.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8300301
4018160.1963.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 4018160
3034485.2012.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3034485
6037776.1947.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6037776
6020LPQ.1989.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6020LPQ
8401259.1982.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8401259
7047250.1961.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7047250
7027361.1948.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7027361
1067748.2007.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1067748
6016527.1954.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6016527
2202102.1927.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2202102
7053649.1980.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7053649
6073980.2004.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6073980
7117823.1976.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7117823
7020860.1990.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7020860
7117823.1985.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7117823
6012199.1950.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6012199
3072723.1942.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3072723
8100503.1999.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8100503
8401700.1985.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8401700
4055736.1969.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4055736
6113329.1998.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6113329
4022960.1945.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4022960
8403603.1964.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8403603
5013117.2004.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 5013117
2202400.1911.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2202400
704F0PN.1990.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 704F0PN
4057120.1908.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4057120
1032730.1956.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1032730
7034395.1947.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7034395
3016965.1974.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3016965
4086000.1999.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 4086000
8204800.1936.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8204800
7054096.1993.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7054096
6153194.1871.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6153194
3081680.2004.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3081680
8400413.1985.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8400413
2100182.2007.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2100182
1057051.1973.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1057051
6149387.1963.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6149387
3017282.1965.Win hPa Win Seasonal 3017282
6127514.1994.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6127514
7027725.1936.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7027725
1171393.1997.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1171393
6106367.1975.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6106367
6158050.2008.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6158050
704C64L.1964.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 704C64L
6119499.2008.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6119499
3032800.1947.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3032800
6041222.1981.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6041222
8501132.1968.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8501132
1133300.1944.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1133300
50220M0.2017.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 50220M0
7034482.1918.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7034482
7042395.1986.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7042395
2204200.1960.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2204200
2204100.2011.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2204100
6158355.2001.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6158355
8205090.1987.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8205090
8403505.1968.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8403505
7091410.1974.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7091410
4018642.1988.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4018642
3070600.1947.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3070600
7056200.1979.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7056200
1108910.1934.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1108910
4020020.1969.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4020020
8100989.1996.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8100989
7046059.2016.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7046059
4013480.1895.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4013480
1094948.1991.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1094948
6136699.2009.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6136699
6139527.2006.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6139527
8103500.1971.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8103500
7034482.2011.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7034482
6113329.1931.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6113329
3073146.1994.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3073146
3034485.2010.Win hPa Win Seasonal 3034485
3032642.1957.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3032642
3066920.1993.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3066920
1051350.1932.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1051350
6106367.1951.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6106367
6016975.1966.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6016975
5052880.1930.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5052880
3032801.1984.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3032801
7024745.2005.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7024745
6142803.2020.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6142803
3034485.1962.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3034485
8200774.1964.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8200774
8101500.1960.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8101500
1125700.1947.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1125700
3012206.1963.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3012206
6119500.1962.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6119500
7056930.1974.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7056930
1108447.1912.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1108447
6080192.1933.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6080192
2200100.1982.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2200100
3012205.1941.Win hPa Win Seasonal 3012205
4031999.1998.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4031999
2100685.1994.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2100685
4045600.1966.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4045600
2201579.1991.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2201579
8201001.1989.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8201001
7038080.1964.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7038080
1184790.1994.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1184790
7016840.1987.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7016840
2203058.1970.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2203058
4019080.2000.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4019080
7113535.1991.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7113535
6139527.1956.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6139527
8206450.1970.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8206450
503B1ER.1922.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 503B1ER
8403506.1970.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8403506
1096450.1987.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1096450
1016995.1919.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1016995
1114741.1973.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1114741
2100100.1973.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2100100
50310D0.1989.Win hPa Win Seasonal 50310D0
8100300.2004.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8100300
1175122.1977.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1175122
4057165.1968.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 4057165
6092920.2000.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6092920
3044533.2008.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3044533
8403851.2007.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8403851
8402980.1970.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8402980
6045550.2001.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6045550
6106100.1967.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6106100
7050240.1956.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7050240
6147188.1991.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6147188
7094637.2005.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7094637
1036572.1919.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1036572
3074935.1966.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3074935
7056120.1933.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7056120
61219J2.1999.Win hPa Win Seasonal 61219J2
7094120.2015.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7094120
2100631.1993.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2100631
5031201.2011.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 5031201
7025745.1967.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7025745
5010480.2016.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5010480
8101000.1909.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8101000
1125766.1954.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1125766
8104400.1983.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8104400
8500398.2008.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8500398
3072920.2011.Win hPa Win Seasonal 3072920
6068145.1960.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6068145
8400413.1968.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8400413
2300501.1986.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2300501
7050200.1892.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7050200
1157631.1963.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1157631
6144475.1894.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6144475
3011887.1965.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3011887
6040326.2014.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6040326
4028038.1917.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4028038
4083323.2007.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4083323
7041382.1946.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7041382
6119500.1994.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6119500
1058190.1954.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1058190
8101000.1998.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8101000
3015523.1966.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3015523
6057592.1950.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6057592
2100660.2004.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2100660
6020379.1970.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6020379
8204400.1957.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8204400
6158410.1978.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6158410
8204700.1995.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8204700
6048261.1958.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6048261
1176755.1909.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1176755
4015960.1957.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4015960
3012206.2008.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3012206
3017282.1954.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3017282
8105200.1961.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8105200
6102857.2004.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6102857
1145730.2012.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1145730
8502592.1908.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8502592
7110831.2012.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7110831
7098600.1966.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7098600
1104488.1916.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 1104488
3034480.1989.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3034480
2302370.1976.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2302370
6124700.1899.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6124700
7098600.1982.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7098600
4046884.1994.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 4046884
6061362.2008.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6061362
5030203.2014.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 5030203
1148705.2018.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1148705
7103539.1928.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7103539
2100950.1987.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2100950
10476F0.1986.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 10476F0
8300300.1878.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8300300
3072658.1889.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3072658
7060400.1880.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7060400
7028442.1926.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7028442
8104901.1962.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8104901
8402050.1993.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8402050
4024080.1993.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4024080
3055119.1984.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3055119
8300700.2015.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8300700
6078282.2013.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6078282
1060841.1927.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1060841
3016119.1989.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3016119
1154203.1966.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1154203
4067799.1989.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4067799
6033690.1925.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6033690
2303986.1989.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2303986
2100880.1970.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2100880
7055422.1983.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7055422
1125079.1960.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1125079
3062427.1941.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3062427
2100700.1954.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2100700
8204703.1907.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8204703
7040812.1993.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7040812
6012199.1980.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6012199
3072539.1982.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 3072539
2100402.1988.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2100402
7044328.1966.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7044328
810I001.1992.Win hPa Win Seasonal 810I001
6124127.1981.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6124127
10459NN.2007.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 10459NN
6115811.2004.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6115811
1024638.2016.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1024638
6048231.1999.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6048231
8104901.1933.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8104901
4038412.1968.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4038412
1148700.1994.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1148700
6022476.1937.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6022476
1085835.1992.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1085835
5021920.1966.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5021920
7052605.1978.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7052605
4060983.2007.Win hPa Win Seasonal 4060983
4011441.2009.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4011441
70132G9.1979.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 70132G9
8203100.2011.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8203100
6068980.1916.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6068980
6106396.1963.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6106396
8403505.1965.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8403505
6142803.1978.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6142803
8300447.1972.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8300447
7014160.1988.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7014160
1123939.1949.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1123939
8403700.1959.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8403700
8200100.1990.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8200100
5010490.1942.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5010490
8201001.1951.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8201001
6068145.2017.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6068145
5022125.1962.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 5022125
8200827.1998.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8200827
6072225.2010.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6072225
8101201.1971.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8101201
2300900.1991.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2300900
7116270.1934.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7116270
5031A10.1996.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 5031A10
7032681.1978.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7032681
2403053.1997.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2403053
4012410.2004.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 4012410
1088015.1965.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1088015
1018621.1920.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1018621
7048421.1959.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7048421
4028060.1997.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4028060
1080870.2015.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1080870
3072921.1947.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3072921
3016841.1967.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 3016841
5031320.1975.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 5031320
6128323.1975.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6128323
6158355.1897.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6158355
6020384.1955.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6020384
230J01Q.1971.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 230J01Q
220B68C.2016.Win hPa Win Seasonal 220B68C
7093715.1987.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 7093715
8401705.1972.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8401705
1145460.1928.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1145460
7041JG6.1976.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7041JG6
3053760.1991.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3053760
7014160.1956.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7014160
220N005.2010.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 220N005
6061361.1952.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6061361
2400635.1977.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2400635
6110967.1968.Win hPa Win Seasonal 6110967
7093GJ3.2007.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7093GJ3
8205990.1931.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 8205990
1101530.1953.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1101530
1171020.1925.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 1171020
2400572.1974.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2400572
2202800.1986.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 2202800
6110606.2016.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6110606
7018001.2003.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7018001
1098941.1986.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1098941
1096630.2015.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1096630
6102857.1924.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6102857
7018001.1942.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7018001
4014040.1972.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 4014040
1182289.2000.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1182289
8401502.1946.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 8401502
5032162.1917.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5032162
6078282.1997.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6078282
6139525.1953.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6139525
3031400.1996.Win hPa Win Seasonal 3031400
6163171.1973.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 6163171
6158665.1977.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6158665
6158443.1970.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 6158443
1192948.1970.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1192948
2203359.1957.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 2203359
6127514.1999.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 6127514
840C401.1931.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 840C401
8203600.2000.Win hPa Win Seasonal 8203600
2400800.1953.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 2400800
7011983.1937.Win hPa Win Seasonal 7011983
810AL00.1917.Win hPa Win Seasonal 810AL00
4061632.1994.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 4061632
2401030.2018.Win hPa Win Seasonal 2401030
1026639.1943.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 1026639
7027361.1967.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 7027361
5060606.1985.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 5060606
3044533.1988.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3044533
8401700.1963.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 8401700
3016965.1927.Fal hPa Fal Seasonal 3016965
4020560.2000.Smr hPa Smr Seasonal 4020560
7055122.1898.Spr hPa Spr Seasonal 7055122
1064321.2009.Win hPa Win Seasonal 1064321
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